Electrical measuring equipment needs to perform to set specifications and therefore needs to be calibrated periodically to ensure accuracy and to ensure it is safe to use whilst protecting the reputation of the customer.

We at Central Test understand the necessity of complying with standards for your organization, so we maintain a Quality System (ISO17025) that has been developed specifically for Testing Laboratories and is the basis for accreditation under NATA (the National Association of Testing Authorities.

Here is a list of equipment used by linesmen and electricians that we are able to calibrate:

  • Clamp & MultiMeters
  • Multi-meters and clamp meters to measure the voltages and currents in distribution and transmission systems

  • Volt & Ammeters
  • Voltmeters to set the taps on distribution transformers supplying electricity to customers

  • Insulation Testers (Meggers) & Earth Testers
  • Meggers to measure the resistance of distribution transformer Earthing systems and the insulation of cable installations

  • Data & Power Quality Loggers
  • Single and three phrase loggers to monitor voltage and current fluctuations, harmonics and total harmonic distortion over time on distribution networks

  • Portable Appliance Testers
  • Portable appliance testers used by test & tag services to ensure compliance to state or territory regulations

On-site Calibration

Most calibration can be done on-site except where repairs are required or the calibration requires laboratory conditions. We can offer on-site testing for

  • Elevating Work Platforms (including liners, tool hoses etc.)
  • Live line tools and equipment (excluding gloves & sleeves)
  • PETE (Portable electric tools and equipment) under a local service provider arrangement

Calibration of IMTE and some HV testing must be done in a laboratory due to:

  • Strict environmental conditions are required to meet standards
  • Specialised reference equipment needed (some of which is not portable)
  • Laboratory testing can be more cost effective than that done in the field

Equipment Calibration

Test Equipment Tested to the requirements of customers Quality Assurance programs
Adjust Equipment Adjust as required in conjunction with testing – may involve range adjustments, battery replacement, cleaning
Loan Equipment Provide IMTE on a short term loan basis

A cyclic testing program to ensure compliance is included in this service. A work schedule is maintained to action this testing program.

Equipment Maintenance

Repair Equipment Make simple repairs to IMTE, arrange for repairs by manufacturers, manage warranty returns
Purchase Equipment Recommend appropriate IMTE, purchase, test, include in the cyclic testing program, supply, arrange training