High Voltage (HV) Testing

HV Testing ensures that the electrical equipment is safe and provides the necessary level of protection that the worker requires when handling the equipment in a live electrical environment.

Here is a list of safety equipment used by live linesmen that we perform tests on:

  • Elevating Work Platforms (EWPs)
  • Insulated EWPs to work on overhead electric lines and street lights

  • HV Indicators (Modiewarks)
  • Modiewarks to test that lines are de-energised before linemen commence work

  • Live Line gloves, mats and sleeves
  • Live Line gloves, sleeves and mats to protect linemen from shocks while working on live circuits

  • Live Line Equipment
  • Live Line equipment (such as high voltage sticks, blankets and tools) to protect linemen while working on live high voltage circuits.

HV Equipment Test

Test Equipment Tested to Australian or IEC Standards
Adjust Equipment Adjust as required in conjunction with testing – may involve range adjustments, battery replacement, cleaning
Loan Equipment Provide HV equipment on a short and long term loan basis

A cyclic testing program to ensure compliance is included in this service. A work schedule is maintained to action this testing program.

HV Equipment Maintenance

Manufacture Equipment Assemble operating sticks
Repair Equipment Make simple repairs to HV Equipment, arrange for repairs by manufacturers or sub-contractors, manage warranty returns
Purchase Equipment Recommend appropriate HV equipment, purchase, test, include in the cyclic testing program, supply, arrange training

All maintenance activities include compliance tests to Australian or IEC standard or client requirements