Our Process

We align out our processes so that they don’t impact on your day to day activities.

What we do?

Visual check and general appraisal of equipment
Clean equipment and prepare for calibration or test
Check battery levels where required
Calibrate or Test equipment
Compile report and update database

Initiating Work

Central Test (CT) will send your field
co-ordinator a report each month showing items due for test two months in advance
Repair or other non scheduled work can be booked in by phoning, faxing or e-mailing CT
Priority is given to work that has been planned in advance
Turnaround time for pre-planned equipment is usually within 3 to 5 days

We make it easier for you by:

Providing some change-over and loan equipment on request
Programming, testing and calibration work in small batches
Consideration of the alignment of testing activities with training days, RDO’s and WGM days