Salzer IPV40E / IPV40ES Enclosed DC Isolators



  • Photovolatic Switch 40A 1000V DC21B/DC-PV2
  • 4P enclosed Isolator IP66
  • Manufacture Part No. DCLB23230429B31SMXRDGB


  • Photovoltaic Switch 40A 1000V DC21B/DC-PV2
  • 4P Enclosed Isolator with a Shield IP66
  • Manufacture Part No. DCLB23230429B31SMXSRDGB

How to turn off your solar system

Instructions on how to correctly shut down your solar system are as follows.

Step1: Go to your main switchboard.

Step2: Turn off the solar supply main switch/circuit breaker in your main switchboard. This should be labelled as 'Solar Supply Main Switch' or 'Main Switch (Inverter Supply)'. This will effectively shut down your solar system.

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Note: This will de-energise your inverter but not the solar panels on the roof, which will still be energised.

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